Lead CIPP Installer

The role of the Lead CIPP Installer is to oversee the Laborers of the pipe lining crew to ensure all work on the jobsite is done correctly. The Lead teaches and leads by example working alongside the Laborers to complete a number of tasks. These tasks include everything from preparing equipment and materials, to offering physical labor and excavation work, and Cured-In-Place-Pipelining (CIPP) installations. The duties and responsibilities of the Lead are described below.

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Duties and Responsibilities

- Represent TPR with professionalism and integrity. Assure customer expectations are met or exceeded in a manner that maximizes profitability without compromising safety or quality standards.

- Work effectively with supervisors and all members of the crew to ensure successful cleanings, repairs and rehabilitation of sewer, drain and conduit pipes.

- Be the lead worker on the job site; assigning tasks to Laborers and ensuring work is done correctly.

- Report to the Foreman the status of jobs, including an account of daily hours for the crew, and communicate both positive and negative feedback.

- Load materials and equipment into vehicles and drive the various vehicles (box vans, trucks with trailers, etc.) to and from the job site.

- Set up traffic controls, safety equipment, and CIPP installation equipment at the job site.

- Measure, mark, and prepare CIPP materials for installation.

- Inspect work site to determine presence of obstructions and to ensure that lining of pipes can occur.

- Operate construction equipment including, hydro jetters, robotic cutters, CIPP equipment, and video cameras.

- Interpret blueprints and maps.

- Assist with applying pressure in pipe system and observe connected pressure gauge to test system for leaks.

- Enter manholes when necessary.

- Ensure the site is left clean before the crew leaves.

- Clean vehicles, equipment and keep the shop organized and clean.

- Perform other related duties as required.

- Comply with all government and corporate safety procedures.

Skills and Specifications

- Capable of giving clear instructions and training others.

- Excellent communication and leadership skills.

- Basic or advanced math skills.

- Proficient computer skills.

- Ability to operate a variety of simple and complex tools.

Education and Qualifications

- High School diploma or equivalent preferred.

- Ability to work overtime and out of town.

- Ability to enter and work in confined spaces.

- Ability to perform physically demanding tasks and lift over 50 lbs.

- Minimum 3 years of CIPP sewer rehabilitation experience.

- Ability to work alone or as part of a team.

- Minimum 3 years of CIPP sewer rehabilitation experience.

- First Aid, CPR, confined space entry and competent person training.

- Ability to work alone or as part of a team.

-Certifications for lateral connections, lateral liners, sectional liners and mainline CIPP.

-Must be able to pass pre-employment drug test, D.O.T physical and driver’s license check for past 36 months without any suspensions or major traffic violations (D.O.T. requirements)


- Per diem compensation or travel reimbursement.

- Medical, dental and vision insurance.

- Paid time off, sick leave and holidays.

- Annual employee celebration.

- Uniforms and company branded merchandise.

- LifeLock (identity theft protection)

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