Collage CCTV

CCTV Inspections:

Trenchless Pipe Repairs’ Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspections consists of either a push camera or a remotely operated camera mounted on a self-propelled robotic crawler that is connected to a video monitor at the surface. Our robotic cameras, supported by high-grade Wincan software, paint a full, precise picture of your sewer pipe, it’s condition and any severe damages within. CCTV Inspections allow us to determine:

• Structural condition

• Location of structural defects

• Evidence of inflow & infiltration

• Size and material of construction

• Location of service laterals

• Location of obstructions, such as grease, roots, debris and cross bores

Services Include:

• Full Color, Tilt, Zoom and Self-leveling Push Cameras

• Sef-propelled, Steerable Tractor Cameras

• Sonde Locating and Laser Measurements

• Written Reports & Video Copies

• Inclination and GIS Mapping

Type of Pipe Serviced:

• Sewer

• Drain

• Storm

• Pool

• Conduit

• Any pipe except potable water pipes

Size of Pipe Serviced:

• 3-6” diameter pipes and up to 200 ft with the VeriSight camera

• 4-24” diameter pipes and up to 1,000 ft with the RovverX camera

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