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Drain Problems

With Seattle-based Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC, fixing your pipes has never been easier. We don't dig massive trenches that damage your yard and driveway. Instead, we use a special pipe relining process for our repairs, and our techniques are capable of fixing cast iron, PVC, clay, Orangeburg, ductile iron, ABS, and more.

Through a small access point, we insert a state-of-the-art pipe liner to create a pipe within a pipe. This high-quality liner restores flow and functionality to the pipe while also creating a strong and smoother inner wall that is resistant to root damage, leaking joints, offsetting, and more. As an added bonus, this new pipe has a long span of 50 years at the minimum. Let Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC take care of all of your pipe needs with quick, affordable, and non-invasive service. 

Common Drain Problems and Solutions

Pipe Corrosion:

Pipe corrosion is caused by waste becoming trapped inside the pipe and becoming attached to the inner walls. Corrosion begins to occur, and as the waste accumulates, this inhibits the flow of sewage and creates blockages. At Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC, our relining techniques result in a smoother, jointless pipe that encourages efficient sewage flow and prevents corrosion.

Broken Pipes:

When temperature changes cause the soil to settle, freeze, or shift, it's possible for sewer lines to collapse under the pressure. Relining provides a quick solution to this immediate problem as well as providing a stronger, more durable pipe that resists environmental factors and makes major accidents like this less likely to happen. 

Root Penetration:

Trees that are planted close to a pipeline will sometimes extend their roots into the pipe to collect the moisture. This causes backups because, if the roots can penetrate the cracks of the pipe, they will grow inside of the pipe and obstruct proper flow. Trenchless Pipe Repair LLC's relining techniques result in a single pipe that doesn't have any joints for the roots to break through, resulting in a resilient pipe that prevents future intrusions.

Low-Grade Pipes:

Low-grade pipes are often more susceptible to tree root intrusions, corrosion, and blockages because they are constructed with poor materials, making their lifespan rather short and requiring more maintenance and fixes. With our relining techniques, we provide a brand new pipe created from the best, most innovative technology and materials, guaranteeing that it will last for many years.

The certified technicians at Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC are fully trained and certified to solve all of your and drain pipe repair problems. Call or email Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC today to receive an estimate for your drain pipe repairs.

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