When thinking of threats to their business, most business owners consider fire or flood damage, ineffective advertising, or poor staffing decisions as worst-case scenarios. Building insurance is obtained and potential investments are examined with a fine-toothed comb. Often overlooked, however, are regular maintenance check-ups to your office or building. Though small business owners, in particular, are concerned about adding additional expenses to an already tight budget, regular examinations of your plumbing system could potentially save you inventory loss, water damage costs, and of course the cost of a major plumbing repair.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs: Helping you get to work

Solving small inconveniences before they become big problems is the end goal of any drain inspection and regular maintenance service. A slowly draining bathroom sink is annoying, but more than this, it could indicate a need for serious repair. Something like low water pressure could translate to loosened pipe seals or a leak, and water backing up in a toilet continuously could eventually lead to raw sewage flooding your building.

If a more serious problem arises, our plumbing system engineers offer a variety of services to fix it in a fast, minimally invasive way. Trenchless pipe repairs require only a small access point into the pipe, and repair work can be conducted sight unseen beneath parking lots, in walls, and even under the foundation of your building! This is in contrast to traditional methods, which necessitate the digging of a long trench to reach your pipe, and can take over twice as long to complete. Not only is the water in your office or building off at this time, but the trench can be both a safety hazard and an eyesore. At best this severely inconveniences your employees; at worst, it drives away potential customers, or you might have to shut down operations altogether for a temporary period of time.

Drain Inspections

Any drain inspection or other maintenance begins with a video assessment, operated by our PACP-certified video inspector unit operator. This provides high-definition footage of your drains and allows our engineers to give you an accurate assessment of your pipes that you can see for yourself. Following the obtainment of video, your options for repair or up-keep will be discussed, and recommendations for troubleshooting may occur.

Contact Trenchless Pipe Repairs today to order a drain inspection, and save your business from being “washed out!” Our engineers are ready to serve your business needs in a professional, prompt, and discreet manner. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!