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Industrial Sewer Pipe Repair

Trenchless Pipe Repairs Summer Washington

A large number of pipes, sewers and drainage systems running under industrial plants are approaching or have exceeded their expected design life, both nationwide and locally in the Seattle Washington and Oregon areas. Failure of a facility’s underground piping and drainage structures can have a catastrophic effect on plant operations as well as budgets and the bottom line. A manufacturing plant typically runs 24/7 so interrupting production for any period of time impacts revenue. Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC understands this and strives to support production schedules, not shut them down. We know how to manage a big job into smaller, less intrusive stages, how to follow safety procedures, and how to execute evening and night work effectively.

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA

Our industrial lining services are beneficial in large scale facilities such as factories, fisheries, and manufacturing plants. The functionality of pipe systems in every facility is important, and should it fail, businesses can suffer the consequences. Pipes that are leaking, clogged or broken can result in flooding, reduced water pressure, and compromised cooling systems that will potentially require costly repairs. We will identify your problem areas before they fail.

Industrial Services We Offer:

Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC provides integrated sewer rehabilitation services with trenchless technology to our industrial customers. We understand the critical and complex needs of industrial facilities and offer industry specific pipelining solutions. Industrial jobs take a good deal of planning and organizing, requiring comprehensive camera work in determining the best way to go about pipe rehabilitation. Trenchless Pipe repairs, LLC can ensure that every project is uniquely considered. For example, some types of large diameter industrial pipes may need specialized cleaning equipment, and other pipes are made with delicate materials with unique handling considerations. Our installers will listen to the requirements of the client and customize each project ensuring that the appropriate cleaning and rehabilitation method is used and is both safe and effective.

Our rehabilitation methods are less intrusive and can be finished in much less time. We use a CIPP (cured-in-place-pipelining) system that allows us to fully repair drain lines, sewer pipes, and laterals. CIPP is an affordable solution to renew and extend the life of underground piping and drainage structures. With our system we are able to avoid digging through concrete foundations, landscaping, and paved areas. Since pipe infrastructure is a critical investment, we do everything in our power to protect the value of a facility’s plumbing systems, extend its service life, and improve the flow, all at an affordable cost.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC will safely repair industrial infrastructure without the need to excavate and replace. We aim to identify and repair your problem areas before they fail. Let us help you reduce your risk of unplanned spending, costly process interruption and safety & environmental violations.

We work throughout the Washington state and Oregon areas including Seattle, Sumner, Portland and other areas for factory-offices, factory-warehouses,multi-use properties, heavy manufacturing buildings, industrial parks, light manufacturing buildings and other types of industrial bodies.

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More than just a camera down the line, TPR provides a complete and accurate assessment of your pipeline. Our dedicated Video Inspections Unit has operators that are PACP certified and confined spaced trained. We use high-quality equipment to inspect sewer & drain pipes 3-24”. With diagnostic reporting, we fully outline the structural condition of your pipeline. See in full- color pictures & video what areas are in good condition, what areas need work now & what areas can be tackled later. We’ll accurately identify bellies, corrosion, connections, etc. Get the full picture and gain peace of mind and confidence to plan and budget for the future.
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