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Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC provides excellent sewer pipe repairs in Oregon. Our business has a unique focus on pipe rehabilitation and cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) that has earned us the highest level of expertise in this specialty. TPR provides pipe assessments, cleanings, and CIPP services to commercial, industrial, and municipal customers in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Tillamook, and along the Oregon coast.  Please review our services below and use the form to contact us with any questions or for an estimate.

Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC (TPR) specializes in Cured-In-Place pipe lining (CIPP), a more efficient way to rehabilitate pipelines with little to no digging required. We use proven perma-liner materials, guaranteed to last a minimum of 50 years and resists corrosion, leaks, and root intrusion. With over 10 years of experience installing pipes with the CIPP method, our team is certified to get the job done right. Our lining services include:

• Lateral Pipe Lining - Small Diameter Pipe Lining (3-6 inch)

• Mainline Pipe Lining - Large Diameter Pipe Lining (8-15 inch)

• Lateral Connection Pipe Lining - 6-12 inch Main x 4 & 6 inch Lateral

• Sectional Pipe Lining - Sectional Pipe Lining (4-24 inch)

• Lateral Reinstatement Cutting - Robotic Cutting of Lined Pipes

Sewer Pipe Assessment and Cleaning

Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC (TPR) is your best choice for sewer line cleaning and assessments. We use the high-performing RovverX crawler camera system and the VeriSight push camera system in our wide range of sewer assessment services, including:

• Manhole Assessments

• Pipeline Assessments (3-24 inch)

• Full color, Tilt & Zoom Capabilities

• Written Reports and Video Copies (E-mail link or DVD)

Finally, our sewer cleaning services incorporate top-of-the-line equipment that is guaranteed to restore efficient sewage flow. Our sewer cleaning services include:

• Jetter Applications (3-8 inch)

• Root Removal

• Grease Removal

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