At Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver high-quality services. To guarantee that our customers are satisfied with our work, we ensure that all of our foremen are NASSCO PACP, LACP, and MACP certified.


Why Use PACP?

For decades, the trenchless industry has been utilizing CCTV and digital scanning technology to inspect pipes. Our employees' PACP (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) training ensures that the pipes are thoroughly inspected. Not only do we provide a detailed report on the condition of the pipes, but we also administer a numerical Condition Rating from 0-5 on each of your pipes. NASSCO's PACP ensures that the pipes are assessed according to the industry standards, and these in-depth observations allow our employees to quickly determine the problem and prioritize the ideal service. PACP quick scores are also available to our customers, which give a brief description of how many types of defects are present in the pipe. 

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What are MACP and LACP?

MACO (Manhole Assessment Certification Program) and LACP (Lateral Assessment Certification Program) are additional certifications that ensure our employees have the necessary knowledge of the conditions in lateral pipes and manholes to ensure that our assessments are accurate. 

NASSCO's goal is to standardize these procedures and guarantee that rehabilitation projects are successful, and at Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC, we strive to reflect these goals within our own work as well. It is important that our customers are given the best service, and these programs allow us to be prepared for any situation and fix it accordingly.

"Through quality education such as the highly acclaimed Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) program, we are moving the needle on properly maintained and rehabilitated pipelines. Our complementary training programs, including the Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP) and the Lateral Assessment and Certification Program (LACP), round out NASSCO's PACP educational series."


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