Winter is coming- and not just in Westeros. Winter comes to Washington and Oregon, too. And it comes with a punch. Before winter comes, inspect your pipes. Even better, get a sewer line video inspection.

Video inspection? What is that?

Well, honestly, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A plumber or otherwise capable technician goes to your pipe and inserts a waterproof video camera. These cameras are able to inspect your pipe in a 360° view and feeds the pictures or video to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

They’re used when plumbers are uncertain of the extent of damage done to your pipes or in general maintenance inspections. Video inspections can be done on many types of plumbing; sewer, drain, storm, pool, and conduit. Basically, any pipe except potable water pipes. These inspections are an amazing tool when hoping to budget for repairs or replacements.

Why should I inspect my pipes regularly?

Not only is inspecting your pipes a good idea in general, it’s a great idea to inspect them regularly. Doing so can warn you of future leaks, breaks, or replacements necessary and especially lets you know of any immediate repairs. Long-term repairs can be more expensive, particularly if you don’t know about the need for them until the last minute.

If I do discover my pipes need repairs, what are my options?

Inspections are just step one. Repairs are a whole different story. Different methods can be used to repair plumbing. Traditional plumbing can cost upwards of $20,000 and can include repairing any damaged property due to the use of trenches and large machinery. Consider using trenchless plumbing repairs.

Trenchless plumbing doesn’t require as large, or as many, trenches. Most repairs require two access points, oftentimes only one. This can save you dollars in the thousands of just property repairs. There are two main trenchless techniques- pipe lining, the use of an inflatable resin that hardens and creates a “pipe within a pipe”, or pipe bursting, the use of a pipe to burst open your old pipe, removing it completely while securing a new pipe in its place.

Both of these repairs can sound expensive, but they save you money in the long run. They don’t have to be replaced nearly as often. Traditional plumbing needs to be replaced somewhere between every thirty to forty years. In terms of being a long-term homeowner, that’s often. In terms of owning a business, that’s really often.

I live in Washington, and Winter is on its way. I’m not sure what to do about my pipes before winter. What company should I trust?

Go directly to Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC. They serve Washington and Oregon. For general inspection, they use video and robotic services, and only employ PACP certified and confined space trained technicians. For repairs, they can provide residential, commercial and industrial, and municipal lining services.

The use of lining is best when experiencing cracks or leaks in your pipes or drains. The entire company is reputable and dependable. They’ve been serving Washington and Oregon for over 25 years and support the Seattle Saracens Rugby Club as part of their company identity. Call or email Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC today for your plumbing solution. Hurry, before winter comes.