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Lateral connections can be the worst contributors of infiltration and root intrusion in lined sewer mains. Trenchless Pipe Repairs uses the Schwalm Sewer Plug System, the Schwalm Lateral Sealing System and the epros®Drain LCR-S System, to seal the connection between the lat/rehabilitation/?variant-active=true#eral and the main.

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA


Many municipalities during the planning and development stages of building integrate branches and molded bodies into their sewer networks to prepare for future expansions. However, many times these additional branches end up not being used in the future. Thus, a need arises for sealing these bad and/or blind connections.

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Schwalm Sewer Plug System

This is where our Schwalm robot comes into play. It can tightly seal these bad and blind connections permanently by utilizing the Schwalm Sewer Plug System’s compression plugs. These plugs are available in 4 different sizes and are suitable for lateral pipe sizes 4-8” in mains 8-24”.

Lateral Connection Seals:

Trenchless repairs of lateral connections can be somewhat tricky jobs to do. Trenchless Pipe Repairs, dedicated to using the most advanced trenchless technologies available, will correct your lateral to main sewer pipeline problems. We offer the most innovative, revolutionarily easy and non-intrusive methods:

Schwalm Lateral Sealing System

Our Schwalm Lateral Sealing System creates a 360° or top hat CIPP lateral connection installed from the main during live flow using the nearest manhole. The innovative flow-through packer allows us to complete the repair without disrupting service. The Schwalm sealing system is designed with non-shrinking components proven effective and longlasting in the most aggressive sewer conditions. Once installed, the system forms a smooth transition and may be used in a wide variety of configurations. The Schwalm lateral seal is designed to extend 8” into the lateral.

epros®Drain LCR-S System

The epros®Drain LCR-S System will securely repair and permanently seal your main/lateral interfaces and lateral connections up to 24 inches from the main line down to the lateral. This system has a wide application area with the ability to repair sewer pipelines from 4-8” in diameter for lateral pipes and 4-24” for main pipes and allows for lateral connection angles of 30° to 90°.

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At Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC, robotics play a vital role in our pipe rehabilitation techniques. We utilize the best, most advanced robotics in the industry to install CIPP repairs, inspect pipes with video footage, clean pipes, cut and grind objects within the pipes, and install lateral plugs. With our Schwalm Robotics, IMS Robotics, and Picote Cutters, we can provide robotic services for any pipe size, including 4 to 24-inch pipes.
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