Robotic Cleaning

Robotic Cleaning

Trenchless Pipe Repairs Summer Washington

Hydro jetting is an efficient and economical method of cleaning with high pressure streams of water to remove build up and debris in drain lines, sewer lines, outside drains & storm drains. Using high pressure water and flexible hosing, we can scrub dirty drains and pipes, flush out residue and dirt, remove tree roots and break up soft clogs such as grease, hair or sediment.

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA

In most cases, hydro jetting is a sufficient method of cleaning, however at times this procedure results in typical particulate deposits at branches and recesses. In cases such as this where a water jet is insufficient, Trenchless Pipe Repairs offers robotic cleaning for precise accurate flushing.

Industries We Serve:

Our Robotic Schwalm Water Cutter allows us to remove particle deposits where jet cleaning fails to reach. This powerful robot is perfect for removing tougher objects as well. The Schwalm Water Cutter will cut through large roots and concrete, descaling cast iron pipes leaving them with a smooth finish.

Size of Pipe Serviced:

• 4-6” diameter pipes with the Hydro Jetter

• 8-24” diameter pipes with the Schwalm Robot

Benefits of Hydro Jetting and Robotic Cleaning:

• Removes years of accumulated debris, sludge, tree roots, silt, sand, scale and grease leaving lines clear and looking like new.

• Cost-effective solution for improving your existing lines and keeping them clear and functioning properly.

• Environmentally safe. Unlike chemical cleaners, hydro jetting and robotic cleaning only use water to clean. It leaves behind no harmful residue.

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At Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC, robotics play a vital role in our pipe rehabilitation techniques. We utilize the best, most advanced robotics in the industry to install CIPP repairs, inspect pipes with video footage, clean pipes, cut and grind objects within the pipes, and install lateral plugs. With our Schwalm Robotics, IMS Robotics, and Picote Cutters, we can provide robotic services for any pipe size, including 4 to 24-inch pipes.
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