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Here at Trenchless Pipe Repairs, or TPR, we specialize in all aspects of pipeline inspection, where we use the top of the line pipe camera inspection and video inspection equipment to conduct proper assessments. TPR provides underground inspection and rehabilitation services, and we are 100% compliant and certified with best practices with PACP, MACP, and LACP.

Industries We Serve:

MACP (Manhole Assessment and Certification Program)

With over 20 million manholes all across the country, it’s common that many of these systems are neglected or failing to function properly. Our team understands the importance of a healthy pipeline system, and it starts with a safe and well-maintained manhole. However, manhole inspections are not a typical service commonly offered, and it wasn’t until more recently that this became recognized as a viable service by cities and municipalities across the country. With the growing awareness of how important manholes are to the country’s sewer system infrastructure and how their failures lead to more expenses further down the road, TPR is proud to offer proactive inspections to keep these systems operating smoothly.

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA

LACP (Lateral Assessment Certification Program)

Lateral systems have been largely neglected, and a result, not inspected frequently. This is due to their expansive presence across the country, intertwining between public and private properties, resulting in ownership disputes and leading to limited access and unreliable inspection technologies being deployed. At TPR, we understand the costs associated with inflow and infiltration (I/I) in lateral systems for both the public and private sectors. Proper inspection and documentation is vital to the overall health of any city’s sewer mainline system. Branch line infiltration inspection provides city managers with cost-effective solutions designed to repair and maintain healthy pipeline ecosystem, and our efforts to provide awareness to inspecting lateral systems encourages better practices in the long run.

PACP (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program)

The PACP process allows our team at TPR to adhere to the North American standards for pipe defect identification and assessment. Our primary focus with all pipeline inspections are to identify all conditions as well as evaluate and manage workable solutions that meet the client's expectations.

TPR Pipeline Inspection Features

At TPR, our inspection services include various features that allow our work to be precise and effective. Not only do our services revolve around the programs we practice, but our inspections are comprehensive and can be applied to a variety of different pipeline materials, sizes, and other factors, including:

  • All pipes from 1.5 - 24 inch pipes

  • Both external and internal pipes

  • Inspections include assessing miles or feet of pipes

  • Inspect, locate, and document all branch lines

  • Launch & retrieval of pipes from same location or multiple locations

  • A thorough evaluation of all inspected pipelines

  • Prioritized recommendations of pipe deficiencies

  • Visual inspection of all manholes involved in the project

  • In-depth inspections of failing manholes

  • Report of recommended corrections for failing manholes

  • Cost-saving pricing structures for multi-year contracts

With all of these factors that we watch for, we ensure that our solutions will be comprehensive and long-lasting. In addition, our team at TPR are recognized as industry leaders for the following common pipeline inspection & industrial cleaning maintenance industries, including:

Hospitals Pipe Inspection

Due to the size and scale of hospitals, there are many pipes and pipe connections that can be found within these structures. With the frequent usage these sewer systems undergo in a hospital setting, even a hairline fracture within the pipe can lead to a large-scale problem that can create major damage and inconvenience to the staff and patients in a hospital. Due to the sensitive environment of a hospital, it’s important to have highly-trained and certified experts hired specifically for these pipeline inspections. Whether a 2 or 24-inch diameter pipe needs to be inspected, our tools are designed to fit within these systems and provide accurate footage so that our experts can report the best possible scenario for fixing the problem at hand.

Food Processing Plants

Another facility where having properly functioning pipes is extremely important, a food processing plant presents a unique set of challenges. Since these facilities are unable to be completely shut down even if a problem arises, our team is trained to conduct rehabilitation and inspection services with this stipulation in place. This allows for maximum rehabilitation at maximum peak performance.

Universities & Schools

At TPR, we are uniquely positioned to inspect and rehabilitate all universities and schools throughout the greater pacific Northwest. Most schools allow for some down-time, and within these short periods of time, we can conduct effective inspections of troubled pipelines and offer solutions while the students are not on school grounds. We can also inspect and repair just about any pipe at any time without the need to shut down schools, ensuring that their schedules aren’t upheaved while we conduct our work.

High Rise Buildings

High-rise buildings are held to completely different standard of codes and regulations. Because many of the drains are vertically installed and have numerous tie-ins, these ties-ins and pipes have to be inspected and repaired in a different way. With our state-of-the-art pipeline cameras, we can determine the best solution for repairing these unique pipeline structures. Pipe lining in large multi-story builds is a complicated process and requires a talented team of skilled lining technicians. Here at TPR, we have knowledge and know-how and a proven track record. As is the case with all of our pipe and main line inspections, we offer the best practices and advanced technological solutions with our CIPP lining. The less invasive solution available in the market, we make sure our process isn’t disruptive, and this allows us to save building owners and management companies time and money in the long run.

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At TPR, we are devoted to offering services that are affordable and meet the high standards of our company. We do more than simply conduct inspections; we take the time to fully diagnose the problem within the parameters established through the MACP, LACP, and PACP programs. All of our experts are trained and qualified to conduct services based around these programs and ensure that we remain within the codes of each city and state we work within.

Our team at TPR is proud to offer our innovative inspection services that not only assist industries and businesses across the country but also residential communities that require fully operational manhole systems. When you need inspections done that will meet the high-quality and accurate standards of the country as well as the objectives established by our company, call us today. We look forward to working with you and exemplifying how our services can help you with all of your needs today!

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