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Trenchless Pipe Repairs Summer WashingtonEpoxy Coating Services:

Picote Brush Coating System

The Picote Brush Coating System is a simple solution for drain and sewer renovation. The coating applied with this system provides a damp-proof, wear resistant and non-corrosive lining to drain and sewer pipes from 1 ¼” to 12” in diameter. The Picote Brush Coating System can be used in conjunction with CIPP or in place of CIPP and can renovate entire piping systems with minimal disruption, while avoiding costly excavation.

The Picote Brush Coating System uses a 100% Solids Epoxy. It comes packaged in handy lock & load cartridges. The Picote 100% Solids Epoxy is a simple and mess-free solution that is NSF-61 and ASTM certified. This specially formulated epoxy has a unique dual color system which allows our technicians to visually verify any spots that have been missed, thus improving quality control.




The Benefits of the Picote Brush Coating System:

• Fills gaps between CIPP liners.

• Strengthens CIPP lined connections.

• Provides coating barrier to prevent rust and corrosion.

• Coats 90 degree bends with flexible shaft and brushes.

• Coats anything from a small area to an entire piping system.

• Fast process – pipes can be reconnected in a day.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Economical

• Durable

• Noninvasive

The Results...

This unique brush-cast method works the coating into the substrate pushing past residue and deeply into the surface material for the strongest bonding adhesion. The slick inner surface of the cured coating increases flow rate and minimizes the risk of blockages, similar to CIPP lining systems. Several coats can be applied within the same pipe. In addition, brush-cast application isn’t limited by abrupt angles and it can be used to renovate an entire pipe system or finish off a point repair for a wide range of pipe materials, including cast iron, concrete, PVC and clay.

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Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Manholes, vaults, tanks, and like structures are a vital part of our country’s aging infrastructure. As our nation’s wastewater infrastructure becomes increasingly in need of repair, rehabilitation of these deteriorated structures has become a growing segment of the trenchless industry.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC has partnered with Quadex, LLC, a Vortex company, as a certified applicator of Quadex Repair Materials. Our epoxy lining applications feature Structure Guard 100% Solids Epoxy. Formulated by our strategic partner, Stag Technologies, Structure Guard is a 100% solids, monolithic epoxy with zero shrinkage, designed for high build applications. Once applied, Structure Guard provides an impermeable, corrosion-resistant coating that will not delaminate. The epoxy can renew old manholes and other infrastructure quickly, precisely, and deliver decades of uninterrupted service.



Features and Benefits of Structure Guard Epoxy:

• 100% Solids, no VOCs

• No de-lamination

• Quick drying

• Smooth surface greatly decreases time spent cleaning high maintenance structures

Recommended for…

• Manholes

• Pump Stations

• Concrete or masonry vaults and tanks

• Treatment plant headworks ad diversion structures

• Steel tanks

Civil infrastructure suffers from a variety of problems from minor leaks to major failures. It is much less expensive to rehabilitate these structures then to excavate and replace them. TPR is excited to offer this additional service to our customers. Our rehabilitation specialists can solve your infiltration, exfiltration or corrosion problems with a cost effective and permanent solution. Contact TPR now to restore your deteriorated structure(s) to better than new condition.

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