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Lateral Connection Sealing

Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC is dedicated to bringing the vanguard of products to our customers and contractors in Seattle and throughout Washington and Oregon. As part of that mission, we use only the most advanced trenchless technologies available. For lateral connectionsealing, we use two systems: the epros®Drain LCR-S System, arevolutionarily easy and non-intrusive method for correcting lateral to mainsewer pipeline problems and the TYGERPatch Lateral Seal Systempowered by Schwalm. As always, Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC is focusedon only the most cost-effective, environmentally safe plumbing solutions.

The epros®Drain LCR-S System

The epros®Drain LCR-S System is an innovative method that repairs and permanently seals main/lateral interfaces and lateral connections up to 24 inches from the main line down to the lateral. This system allows the use of either an LCR-S hat profile, in which the main pipe is sealed only by the rim of the LCR-S hat profile or an LCR-S liner, in which the main pipe isdesigned as a short liner. The epros®Drain LCR-S System repairs circularpipes in concrete, reinforced concrete, asbestos cement, vitrified clay, castiron and plastics. This flexible system can repair sewer pipelines from 4 to8 inches in diameter for lateral pipes and 4 to 24 inches for main pipes andallows for lateral connection angles of 30° to 90°.

The epros®Drain LCR-S System is part of the brand nameepros®DrainSystems, a solution offered by Trelleborg Pipe Seals.Trelleborg Pipe Seals is a world leader in new seals and rehabilitationsealing solutions for sewage pipes. With an impressive track recordspanning more than half a century due to their innovative technologies, Trelleborg Pipe Seals offers the highest possible reliability andperformance standards.


• Portable modular system • Safe camera supervised installation • Sustainable quality • Quick and easy installation • Zero leakage • Improved productivity

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA

The TYGERPatch Lateral Seal System

The TYGERPatch Lateral Seal System, powered by our Schwalm robot, creates a 360° or 180° CIPP Tee and Wye lateral connection installed from the main during live flow using the nearest manhole. The innovative flow-through packer allows us to complete the repair without disrupting service.The TYGERPatch lateral seal system is designed with non-shrinkingcomponents, mechanically bonds to all pipe types, and is proven effectiveand long lasting in the most aggressive sewer conditions. Once installed,the system forms a smooth transition and may be used in a wide variety ofconfigurations. The TYGERPatch lateral seal is designed to extend 8” intothe lateral and can repair 4 to 8 inch laterals for 8 to 12 inch mainline.


• Uses PipePatch Silicate Resin • Protects against infiltration and exfiltration • Seals pipeline and lateral connection • Minimal ambient cure time • No Dig Lateral Seal System does not disrupt service • Cost effective with high success rate

Our Lateral Connection Seal Systems Extend Green Boundaries In King County

Both systems are environmentally safe, operator friendly and improve the environment by sealing leaks and keeping sewage in pipes. Roots are kept out, eliminating sewer blockage and overflows. The lateral connection seal systems utilize the most environmentally friendly process and materialsavailable. Environmental sensitivity and worker safety extends to the choiceof resins. Unlike competitive resins, silicate resin is non-toxic and non-odorous, containing no noxious styrenes or esters or volatile organiccompounds (VOC).

What Seattle Customers Need To Know About our Lateral Connection Seal Systems

As we outlined above, the end customer will benefit from the long lasting durability that only trenchless products can offer. This provides long-term cost-effective solutions for every customer, and as with all trenchless technology, you don’t have to worry about digging up your property. In addition, all trenchless repairs can be completed quickly and efficiently, in fact most jobs are complete within a matter of hours!

Contact Trenchless Pipe Repairs today to find out more about our Lateral Connection Seal Systems. Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC keeps the Seattle area and beyond green and running strong.

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