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Lateral Lining

Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC uses the most advanced cured in place pipe lining technology to rehabilitate cracked, broken, or failed sewer pipes all over the greater Seattle area and state of Washington. Now, we are able to repair sewer pipes, drain pipes, and all other plumbing pipes without having to dig up your landscaping or property. Our state-of-the-art pipe liner works with all kinds of pipes including PVC, cast iron, copper, steel, and clay, and lasts over 50 years! When it comes to your sewage lines, you can trust Seattle based Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC.

Pipe Lining is:


Traditional pipe replacement costs add up quickly, especially considering all the above ground damage after the work is complete. Do not destroy your foundation, driveway, road, or landscaping. Save yourself the hassle and money with our easy and painless service.


Traditional pipe replacement causes above ground damage and disruption. When you choose Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC, you keep your roads detour-free and once the work is done, there is no mess to clean up. Why have it any other way? If your are based in the Greater Seattle area, choose Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC for all of your pipe lining needs.


No digging required! When we get to work, we get things done fast! What takes traditional contracting weeks or months, takes us as little as a day! Whether you need residential, commercial, or municipal pipe lining work done, Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC alleviates your stress and gets the job done fast.

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA

How Does Pipe Lining Work?

The installation occurs via an opening in your sewer, water pipes, or drain line. With our special technology, an epoxy coated liner is inserted, and inverted until the resin coats the inside of the existing pipe. Think of it as a pipe within a pipe. All cracks and breakage are accounted for. It takes about three hours to cure, and the work is done. Read more about the pipe lining process here.

Pipe Lining Materials:

Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC uses third party tested and certified pipe lining materials. They exceed specifications and standards set by ASTM, meaning our materials will exceed a 50-year life-span and are environmentally friendly.

Industries We Serve:

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