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Leak Detection

Trenchless Leak Detection Summer Washington

Water leaks of any size are something that residential, commercial, and municipal properties in Washington and Oregon should take seriously. When left untreated, leaks can grow from minor issues to large problems. At Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC, we provide our customers with a variety of services that will solve leaks in an efficient way. Our team is comprised of expert industry professionals that will ensure your leak detection work is thorough as well as provide you with lasting repairs, so future leaks don’t reoccur within your system. It is our goal to service your home or business with a leak solution that does not require intensive replacements, but instead noninvasive and careful services you can count on.

What Is Leak Detection?

Leak detection is not something home and business owners can perform on their own. Most of the time leaks that are occurring within your pipe system are too small to see with our eyes which is why our team at Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC is always ready to perform effective leak detection services on your pipes. Leak detection is the process of using smoke, electricity, or water to establish where a leak is located. The leak detection process is conducted by sectioning off an area of your pipe, so whatever substance we to test your pipe can filter our through the leak or pinhole.

Types of Leak Detection

Depending on where your leak is located and the type of pipes affected, Trenchless Pipe Repair LLC will perform a leak detection test in one of the following ways:

Hydrostatic Technology
Leak detection performed with water involves filling the pipes with liquid (usually water), and pressurizing the pipe when the testing is needed. The liquid is dyed a fluorescent color so our technicians can better determine a possible leak. The water valve is shut off and technicians survey for a loss of pressure.

Smoke Testing
Water line and lateral lines are best tested for a leak with smoke testing. Cities often use smoke testing as regular maintenance on aging sewer and gas lines. A blower and smoke candle are used to create a chemical reaction, sending harmless, visible smoke through the sewer lines.

Low-Pressure Air Test
After water pipes are installed, low-pressure air tests can be performed to validate the integrity of the pipes. The pipes are filled with air and observed for 15 minutes to determine if any area loses pressure. Existing pipes can also be tested this way after the main water valve is shut off and all excess water is drained.

Camera Inspection
High-definition cameras feed real time information to our technicians. The cameras can see leaks, breaks, corrosion, and cracks within the pipe.

trenchless Leak Detection summer WA

Gravity Pipe Leak Detection

Typically performed as a quality assurance method after sewer pipes are installed and as routine maintenance to test the pipes for corrosion and other damage. Damaged joints and leaks are exposed by measuring the rate at which pressurized air escapes from an isolated section of pipe line.

Work with Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC Today for All of Your Leak Detection Needs

It is important for you to make sure your pipes are being maintained to prevent leak detection from occurring within your pipes. Our Trenchless Pipe Repair technicians can help you prevent problems from occurring by regularly testing sewer and drain pipes. When you request leak detection in Seattle, Portland, and the surrounding areas, as part of your property care, we will work to find and resolve the issue with as little disruption to your home or business. Contact Trenchless Pipe Repairs LLC today for leak detection services you will be satisfied with.
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