Main Pipe Lining

Main Pipe Lining

Featuring… Trenchless Manhole to Manhole Lining Services.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC (TPR) uses the PermaLiner Top Gun system to offer continuous manhole to manhole lining to rehabilitate pipes safely and securely. The Top Gun main lining system utilitzes trenchless technology that requires no digging, has durable, long-lasting results and is extremely cost effective.

• Size of Pipe Serviced: 6-12- inch diameter pipes

• Length of Pipe Serviced: Lining can be installed up to 600 feet in length

Benefits of Main Lining with the Top Gun System:

• Rehabilitates pipes safely and securely

• A cost-effective, no dig solution

• Compact, less equipment and traffic

• Air inversion, no water or large boiler inversion trucks

• Steam Cure, takes half the time of hot water cure systems

• Quick installation, hours compared to days

• Durable, long-lasting results

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