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Main Pipe Lining

Featuring… Trenchless Manhole to Manhole Lining Services.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC (TPR) uses the PermaLiner Top Gun system to offer continuous manhole to manhole lining to rehabilitate pipes safely and securely. The Top Gun main lining system utilizes trenchless technology that requires no digging, produces durable and long-lasting results, and is extremely cost-effective for home and business owners.

The process involves inserting an inverted tube coated with epoxy resin into the pipeline. The flexible tube is shifted with air that transfer the coating to the interior of the damaged pipe. After this is finished, the curing process takes approximately an hour and a half to complete, resulting in a new pipe liner that is installed within a single day versus the weeks associated with replacing main lines with excavation and heavy machinery.

Our Top Gun main lining equipment is designed to streamline the process and allow our work to be as efficient and reliable as possible. With decades of experience, our team at Vietzke Trenchless continues to invest in innovative, contemporary technology and allow repair processes to be more convenient for our customers across Washington.

Our pipe lining services are performed following a careful inspection of the pipes. By inserting cameras through manholes and into the main pipes directly, we can diagnose the nature of the problem and offer the best solution. After our evaluation of the pipes is finished, we will need to remove corrosion or clogs if they are present in the system.

The cleaning steps are achieved with our advanced hydro jetting equipment. This allows us to cleanse the main line of waste and debris by completely washing it out of the system with high-pressure blasts of water. Equipped with a water tank, hose, and multi-directional nozzle that redirects the water to clean the complete diameter of the inside of the pipe, our specialists are able to not only prepare the pipe for the lining process, but restore its original diameter as well. 

• Size of Pipe Serviced: 6-12- inch diameter pipes
• Length of Pipe Serviced: Lining can be installed up to 600 feet in length

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA

Benefits of Main Lining with the Top Gun System:

• Rehabilitates pipes safely and securely
• A cost-effective, no dig solution
• Compact, less equipment, and traffic
• Air inversion, no water or large boiler inversion trucks
• Steam cured-in-place pipe lining, takes half the time of hot water cure systems
• Quick installation, hours compared to days
• Durable, long-lasting results

When you call Vietzke Trenchless to fix the main lines on your property, you can rest easy knowing that your concerns will be met by professional, certified technicians.

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At Trenchless Pipe Repairs, we specialize in CIPP (cured-in-place pipe lining) to rehabilitate aging sewer systems across Oregon and Washington. CIPP is an innovative technology that allows us to fix any pipeline problem without digging invasive trenches or destroying property. Instead, this process relies on rehabilitating the old pipe from within by creating a new pipe inside of it with epoxy resin liners.
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