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Sectional Pipe Lining

If your pipes have been showing the tell-tale signs of wear and possibly failure, you may be relieved to know that you might not have to overhaul your home’s entire sewage system. Quite often only a section of pipe fails or cracks. In these instances, it is possible to repair just the bad section of pipe via sectional lining. Similar to Perma-Patch™, sectional lining enables us to pinpoint a pipe section and rehabilitate it in a matter of hours using trenchless technology. With this technology, we can repair cracks, fissures, bellies, missing sections of pipe…indeed, just about any problem you might be experiencing. And with results that last. Just as with our other trenchless point repair and trenchless technologies, sectional lining is impressively durable, guaranteed to last over 50 years.

• No digging required!

• Stronger than the original pipe, our epoxy resin combinations are strong.

• Cost-effective because it is designed with the customer’s budget and convenience in mind. Last for decades!

• No threat to underground utilities such as cable and power lines. Non-destructive.

• No disruptions to public sidewalks, drives, lawns, etc.

• Repairs can be made in difficult-to-access locations such as under floors and buildings.

• Very fast. Like other trenchless technologies, can be implemented in a matter of hours.

• We need only existing access points.

• Pinpoint accuracy. Repairs the section of pipe that needs fixing.

• Installation is done by professionally-trained licensees.

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA

Spanaway and Redmond Trenchless Technology Pros: A Review Of Trenchless Technology

Sectional lining falls under the heading of trenchless technology. So what does that mean? Trenchless technology or cured-in-place-pipe is a revolutionary, non-destructive method of rehabilitating your home’s sewer pipes in matter of hours. Jobs that used to take days or weeks can now be completed inside of day in most cases, with a minimal crew and most importantly, no digging. Pipe lining only requires one entry pit to insert the liner into, no other digging required. Most of the work is done underground. Lateral pipe lining allows for a seamless, efficient work flow that is completed within a few hours depending on the work site and the extent of rehabilitation involved. With lateral lining, you can carry on with your day as if nothing were out of the ordinary, with the knowledge that Trenchless Pipe Repair’s LLC professional, insightful and proficient plumbers will be done in a matter of hours…without causing expensive collateral damage to your property.

You no longer have to worry about the floorboards in your home, damage to your prized landscaping or destruction of sidewalks and driveways. You will not have to worry about traffic interruptions or causing you, your family or anyone in your neighborhood any inconvenience whatsoever.

• No excavation.

• No exhumation.

• Non-destructive.

• Cost-efficient.

• Long-term reliability.

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