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Trenchless Pipe Repairs Summer WashingtonTrenchless Infrastructure Management- T.I.M.

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Trenchless Pipe Repairs, LLC provides complete infrastructure solutions for any industrial, commercial, or municipal facility or structure that requires rehabilitation services - malls, breweries, hospitals and more. Trenchless Pipe Repair’s Trenchless Infrastructure Management (TIM) process provides our clients with comprehensive management of every stage of the project from its inception through its completion. TIM will help evaluate your repair needs, plan the most cost-effective trenchless solution and help solve your piping concerns.

Evaluate, Plan, Execute

trenchless pipe repairs summer WA


The first step in identifying and rehabilitating an aging or damaged sewer pipe is conducting an assessment of the condition of the pipe(s) to accurately identify the problem. A video assessment to determine how severe the damage is will be conducted through closed circuit television video (CCTV) pipe inspection. CCTV pipe inspection is the most thorough and least invasive means of examining underground sewer pipes available. Our video inspection technology helps protect you from spending large amounts of money by eliminating the need to bore through your property . The remotely controlled CCTV cameras can be inserted nondestructively through existing sewer entry points, in pipes anywhere from 3-24” in diameter. A thorough CCTV pipe inspection will determine:

• Overall condition of existing pipes • Issues associated with age of pipes • Challenges due to design flaws • Physical observation of service in operation

Our Video Inspections Unit has operators that are PACP certified and confined space trained. We utilize top-of-the-line equipment for inspections including the high-performing RovverX crawler camera system and the VeriSight push camera system to inspect sewer and drain pipes. These advanced pan & tilt cameras perform a 360° inspection of the pipeline, including detailed views of lateral connections, inspections from the main line and identification of joints, cracks or holes. Supported by high-grade WinCan software, these high tech devices paint a full, precise picture of your sewer pipe, it’s condition and any severe damages while determining the exact extent of the problem.

Video pipe assessment services include:

• Sonde Locating and laser measurements • Full color, tilt, zoom and self-leveling push cameras • Self-propelled, steerable tractor cameras • Inclination and GIS Mapping • Written reports and video copies (E-mail link or DVD)


The next step in the TIM process after the condition of the pipes have been evaluated by a CCTV inspection, is the development of rehabilitation plans for your pipe problems. Our team will create a cost-effective plan that will address what solution will best fit your needs. With accurate diagnostic reporting, we fully outline the structural condition of your pipeline using pinpoint accuracy, then plan maintenance strategies and provide complete damage assessment and rehabilitation plans.

Our team will accurately identify bellies, corrosion, connections, etc. and the plan developed will be specific to your building, project or scope of work. The customized plan will always take into consideration the day-to-day operations of the building with a promise to work safely around your equipment while creating as little interference to your systems as possible. The project manager will view the assessment reports, present recommendations, goals, budgets, and action plans. We will present the full picture so you can gain peace of mind and confidence to plan and budget for the future!


Upon acceptance of the rehabilitation plan, a team of certified and qualified technicians will be assembled to coordinate the repairs with the customer and implement the plan in the most cost-effective and time efficient way possible. All projects are staffed with a Project Manager who will closely monitor job progress and update clients. All TPR technicians endure rigorous training, including confined space entry, certification in CIPP procedures, CPR, and First Aid. This ensures safe, incident free completion of lining projects in the most challenging underground/tunnel conditions. With several years of experience in the lining industry, our talented team is able to use best practices, combined with professional project management to consistently complete projects safely, on time, and on budget.

Size of Pipe Serviced:

• 3-6 inch and up to 200 feet with the VeriSight camera • 4-24 inch and up to 1000 feet with the RovverX camera

Type of Pipe Serviced:

• Sewer • Drain • Storm • Pool • Conduit • Manholes and other structures

Industries We Serve:

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More than just a camera down the line, TPR provides a complete and accurate assessment of your pipeline. Our dedicated Video Inspections Unit has operators that are PACP certified and confined spaced trained. We use high-quality equipment to inspect sewer & drain pipes 3-24”. With diagnostic reporting, we fully outline the structural condition of your pipeline. See in full- color pictures & video what areas are in good condition, what areas need work now & what areas can be tackled later. We’ll accurately identify bellies, corrosion, connections, etc. Get the full picture and gain peace of mind and confidence to plan and budget for the future.
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