Having problems with the plumbing system is always a big inconvenience. Be it in your home or your business, as soon as the water stops draining or the toilets stop flushing, following our daily activities can be difficult. These problems need to be solved, and the faster the better.

Unfortunately, repairing those drain pipes is not so easy. They are buried underground so gaining access to them means having to dig them out. This is a task that requires a lot of resources.

First of all, you will have to pay for many hours of labor until those pipes are uncovered. Then, you will have to pay for fixing any landscape that was damaged in the process. Worst of all, while this process is completed, you will have to stop using any water, so you will probably have to move to a relative’s house or a hotel, which will be yet another expense.

As you can see, costs quickly add up, and even the simplest repair will translate into a massive bill. Fortunately, there is another way we can get this job done: CIPP drain pipe lining.

What is CIPP Drain Pipe Lining?

First, we will do a video inspection of the drain pipes to locate the problem and verify the condition of the tubes. If lining is possible, we will then clean out the pipe and remove any debris or roots. Then a liner will be inserted, which is covered with a special epoxy. When the liner is inflated, the epoxy will cover the inner surface of the pipe, and once it cures and hardens and the liner is removed, a new pipe within the old pipe is created.

What are the benefits of CIPP Drain Pipe Lining?

  • No digging – We use a trenchless approach. All we need is one access point, so we don’t need to damage your lawn, floors or driveway to dig up the pipes.
  • Versatile – Relining can be done to almost any type of pipe. Clay, concrete, Orangeburg, cast-iron and PVC pipes can be treated with this method.
  • Long lasting – The liner used to repair the pipes can last over 50 years.
  • No relocation – Relining your pipes can take less than a day. Go to work in the morning and once you are back, your pipes will be good as new.
  • No more leaks – The liner will completely cover any cracks or broken pieces of the pipe, stopping any leaks caused by them.
  • Safer than digging – Do you have pets or children? Digging up the pipes and having trenches and holes in your property can pose a risk to residents and visitors.
  • More affordable – Once you factor in all the additional costs for digging up the pipes, pipe relining can be a cost-effective option.

Think twice before digging

The next time you have any problems with your drain lines, give us a call. All the staff at TPR is highly trained and specializes in CIPP for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects. For any plumbing needs you may have, we are always available to help you solve them.