The Pipeline Assessment Certification Program, or PACP, has become an industry standard for providing municipal, industrial, and commercial properties with competent pipelining services. Through digital data collection and interpretation, PACP certified companies are able to assist in the process of establishing nationwide requirements for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground pipelines. Based on these evaluation standards, PACP certified companies can offer high-quality services and a number of benefits to their clients.

Internationally Recognized

PACP was adapted from the United Kingdom’s TV inspection coding system, which has been established as the standard in the UK as well as much of Europe and Asia. Since it was first implemented in North America in 2002, the PACP has become the chosen way for municipalities, contractors, and manufacturers to record and catalog all sewer line defects. The certification also serves to evaluate the condition of infrastructure, including stormwater systems, dams, and levees. The international and collaborative creation of this system works to enhance sewer maintenance practices, making them faster, safer, and more efficient.    

Streamlined Maintenance

Closed-circuit television is one of the most common pipe inspection methods used by industry experts. PACP certified technicians employ the use of the equipment, coupled with a standardized protocol for documenting what they find during the inspection process. The data collected is then able to be shared and analyzed by computers, taking out the guesswork and potential for human error. Because all of the inspection data has been created using the same benchmark assessment, technicians are able to make decisions faster and prioritize maintenance needs with more efficiency.

Advanced Training

When you trust your pipelining projects to a PACP certified company, you can rest assured knowing that the technicians on the job have the most advanced, up-to-date training and experience working with trenchless technology. The PACP certification process is rigorous, ensuring the proper education of each technician. Companies that are PACP certified are dedicated to providing clients with the highest possible standard of quality when it comes to pipe repair services.